Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Today was an eventful day. It was packed full of things, partly because my wife and I both woke up at 1 this morning and then couldn't go back to sleep.

So we watched a film, sorted out which DVDs we're not taking to Singapore, showered, dressed, packed and went to the airport, all before 6:30, which was good, because our plane left 20 minutes earlier than advertised.

I read half of The Bloody Red Baron, dozed fitfully and ate a bland omelette courtesy of Delta Airlines, and then as we came in to land at Narita, my nose began to run, and it hasn't stopped since.

This was immediately a problem as all our tissues were stowed in the overhead bin, which we couldn't get to during the final descent. I won't try to describe what it's like to have to use an airline sick bag to blow your nose; it's revolting enough to go through it, let alone relive the experience.

Gallons of clear liquid carried out pouring out my nose; as we walked through the airport. As we took the new and shinier Narita Express to Shinjuku. As I checked in to the hotel. As I rode in a taxi to the office in Roppongi. As I met with people in the office and tried to look professional with a tissue clamped to my nose. And so on and so on, even as I got back to the hotel and went out to an Italian restaurant for pizza (well, we are in Japan, after all), where the uber-helpful waitress brought extra napkins for my nose without being asked. And as I went to Krispy Kreme. And as I went to Familymart to buy a pack of tissues. And as I worked on the work I couldn't do at the office because I was tired and hungry and sneezing.

I hope I'm not allergic to Japan. Perhaps I'm allergic to Delta.

Anyway, I shall stop now. I have a busy day tomorrow and need some quality sleep time, before I go mental and start screaming uncontrollably. What a day this has been.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Foreman! It's neither Japan nor Delta. Your sneezing originated from the office...2 more people down today, including myself :(

Take care! Hope you still get to enjoy Japan :)


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