Wednesday, April 25, 2012


After spending all day in an air conditioned hotel, I took a taxi (lamentably unterrifying this time) back to the airport, checked through Immigration and hung around for two hours in an air conditioned building, before getting back on a plane and returning to Singapore. The only exotic part was the air conditioning on the plane on the way home, which managed to be even colder than the conference room yesterday. And there were all those scientists thinking you couldn't go below absolute zero. None of them work for Singapore Airlines, or in the Thai hospitality industry.

Having had an excursion to Airportland, I livened up my day by ... going to the office, for another six hours of air-conditioned excitement. Yeah, I know how to break up the monotony of the day. Unfortunately, the Bangkok excursion meant I was behind with some essential work, and I'm still behind now, at a quarter to midnight and with a thumping migraine, so I'm not exactly in a state of grace right now. On I chug, into the night, next to my (hopefully) forgiving wife, and without any hope of a quick conclusion.

I wondered if I'd work faster without air conditioning. I don't; just more sweatily.

As well as giving me access to artificially cold air, air travel does give me the opportunity to hate my fellow human being, whether it's the ones who line up too early, who line up too late, who have an enormous bag, who have no bags, who control the wireless internet provision at Suvarbharmi, who wear cowboy hats, who think Hawaiian shirts are funny, who have loud voices, and of course, those who dare breathe noisily. I had all of this today and so much less as well, but on the positive side my taxi driver from Changi to the city undercharged me by 15 cents. So it's getting better. Gradually.


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