Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Performance Art ?

I had my third five minutes at Comedy Masala tonight; I tried using my metaphysical prostitution material, and it went down surprisingly well. Perhaps that's because I namechecked Geylang and Orchard Towers; it seems all you need to do to inspire a cheer from the crowd is to mention someone or something in Singapore. I'm not sure if I could reach some apotheosis where I just stand there for five minutes saying "Marina Bay Sands" over and over again, but perhaps it will work as a piece of performance art.

"Performance art" is quite a good label for stand-up comedy that isn't funny. Although I doubt many people would go through that multiple times. And thus the dream of starting "Disappointed Grunting", Asia's First Performance Art Club, falls by the wayside.

I prepared for tonight by having a nap, after spending all day sitting at a desk looking at computers. When I went to the club, I waited standing next to the loudspeakers, which were going loud enough to loosen the fillings in my teeth. And the barman wouldn't give me any water to drink. Basically, comedy is going to kill me through collateral damage.

Other than that, a quiet night in Singapore. No wild partying or fighting outside karaoke joints at 6:30 am for me. Well, we'll see what tomorrow brings, won't we? As long as I don't read any more Booker winners this week, I should stay happy.


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