Friday, June 29, 2012

For Coffee

I've survived an entire week at work without coffee. While I wasn't as mellow by the middle of the week as I'd been on the Monday, I was still fairly calm and collected on Friday afternoon. I'm not sure if this will survive contact with the enemy / the aftermath of a flight across the Pacific to Seattle, but it's worth trying.

I haven't survived a whole week without booze. I found a fifty dollar bill in my wallet that I'd forgotten about, so I took the wife out for an expensive drink at the bar over the road from the office. Just one Corpse Reviver for me, and something made from rum and damnation for her, and then we ran away again: I know full well the penalty of staying in the bar drinking all night, and it isn't compatible with a five mile run in the morning, or my bank balance.

Oh, for the days when I could drink without fear of the consequences, financial or hepatic.

Thus we had a rather quiet end to the week, browsing the shelves on our local bookshop, instead of getting raging drunk on strong liquor. Given that my wife has school in the morning, it probably was a good idea to spend the evening eating tortilla chips and watching the motorcycle qualifying from Assen this evening. I'll finish off this Dutch weekend by watching the rest of Black Book, eating a pancake and then buying some Delft china.

It's a life, isn't it?


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