Thursday, June 14, 2012

Impending moment of truth

Tomorrow I've got a blood test, to see if my body is no longer 90% cholesterol or not. I'm a bit worried that my diet of pizza over the last week might throw the results a bit; then again, I did inject some variety into things by eating a hotdog yesterday, so it should all even out.

This means that I can't eat tomorrow morning because otherwise the blood test will be inaccurate, so to make sure I feel as good as possible I went for a hard run around Singapore this evening. I'm not sure whether this was a good idea; certainly I was going too hard, my heart rate well above 170 bpm, but perhaps that was after a week indoors freezing to death, and my body was unhappy with its reintroduction to a tropical climate. Of course, 20 minutes of running will certainly counteract a lifetime of bad eating habits. It will, won't it?

Of course, going for a run and having nothing to eat and no breakfast tomorrow means I'll probably be vomitting rage over my co-workers by mid-morning, if I manage to get to the office without fainting. So that will be fun. Maybe they'll lock me in the lift and send me between floors like an enormous wasp in a stainless steel jamjar.

Possibly related to this train of thought, I've been reading Charles Stross' Accelerando, which is intellectually invigorating even if it does lead to conversations at work about recursive corporations and opportunities to avoid corporate oversight that make you sound like a very geeky fraudster. So perhaps I'll be locked out the office entirely tomorrow.


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