Saturday, July 14, 2012

Last day at the office

The last day in Bellevue passed quickly. I woke up at 5, couldn't sleep, got out of bed and ran at 6, got back to the hotel, fought my luggage for an hour, went to the office.

I had meetings, ate doughnuts, avoided coffee, had possibly the worst Thai food of my life, went back to the office, formatted spreadsheets, deleted emails, considered the bleakness of my existence, drank three cans of Talking Rain, modified a powerpoint presentation, left the office. Much as per usual, I guess.

I'm staying with friends in Issaquah tonight and tomorrow, a small enclave of houses on a mountaintop, complete with what looks like a fortress wall around them. In case the 99%/the 75%/the 50%/the zombies attack, I guess. There's also a bear that wanders the streets up here, which will make for a fun run tomorrow.

We went for Mexican food tonight, about a mile from the house. Didn't see any bears. Drank much too much. Came back. Watched Tucker & Dale Vs Evil. Now I'm in a 17 year old's bed. Thankfully, he's sleeping somewhere else tonight or it would be very wrong.


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