Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Rabbiting on

I woke up at three this morning from a dream so terrifying I remember no details, save that it was so frightening. So much for melatonin guaranteeing a restful night. Luckily I got back to sleep and woke at 6 to call my wife for a quick chat, before going back to the blueberry farm for another 5.5 miles.

I kept seeing wildlife: at least four times, a cute little rabbit would scamper out across the trail in front of me. Being a sceptic and a mathematician, I can't be certain whether I saw four different rabbits or the same one four times, but I also saw a crane (or perhaps a heron, or a stork) flapping slowly across the wetlands as I ran on. And a bloke who looked like he'd been sleeping in a bush, and two lady joggers. Truly, all the rich variety of nature in one go.

I also had an idea for a short story involving Lovecraft's eldritch horrors, and an alarm clock, and (possibly) unwanted evangelists knocking on your door, which may come from reading all that horror last weekend, or from conversations about Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses over dinner last night, or just too much melatonin. Not sure if I can get away with "Strange, feels like I've been asleep for eons" as a first line, but I'll give it a go.

After that, work could hardly compare to being (sort of) lost in a woodland full of rabbits. I did have salad for lunch though, which puts me close to the little things.

My computer died on me today. I knew it was a mistake to let it see the new, much shinier, much faster, much lighter computer I bought at the weekend. It took four hours of tech support to revive it from a state of refusing to do anything at all. Perhaps it could do with some melatonin. Or I should take it with me when I go running, so it doesn't feel left out from the excitement.

Having four hours carved out of the day was an unexpected tribulation, especially as I seem to be working both Seattle and Singapore hours. When you start to feel guilty about wanting to go to sleep, you know there's a problem. So I scarf down some more melatonin, and pull the covers over my head. No rabbits tomorrow, unfortunately.


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