Sunday, August 12, 2012

One Tree Hill

Today we went to a barbecue at One Tree Hill. There's not just one tree on One Tree Hill, there's loads of them; our taxi driver himself said "should be many tree hill" in a tone of voice that suggested he'd be back later with a paintbrush to correct the sign. Or a chainsaw.

One Tree Hill is one of the few streets in Singapore named after a US tv series. I was hoping it would be near Dawson's Creek, or 21 Jump Street, but no such luck. Battlestar Galactica is just round the corner though.

We started drinking at 3, and eating about 8, so by the time we hit the pool at 9, I was ruined, and by 10:30 I wanted to be asleep in my bed, but by then my wife had decided it would be fun to duck my head underwater; I've never been particularly amphibian, so that didn't fill me with joy and sunshine. Still, she didn't actually drown me, which is, on reflection, a bonus.

Although bonuses are for special, one-off events, which makes me think I should consider a subclause in my life insurance policy to do with having my head held underwater in a swimming pool. Ah well.

We got home at 11, which was a bit late to be going to the stand-up open mike in Clarke Quay, which was a bit of a shame as it's the last one ever there. Still, it's only moving to Arab Street on Wednesdays, which is good for everyone apart from me (no more ten minute walk to and from the gig). Damn you, audiences, why won't you go to venues on the basis of their convenience to me?


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