Saturday, September 01, 2012


Our friends got hitched without there being any sort of hitch; after a day that had been grumbling about rainy weather, we woke up to a blue, cloudless sky on the day of the wedding, and the weather held all day long.

I'd let my camera battery fully discharge, but the wonderful thing about weddings is there's a wedding photographer, and in this case a man willing to lend me his battery charger for a couple of hours, which means I didn't drag four lenses and a rather heavy camera body all this way for nothing.

The wedding ceremony was down by the river (although the mosquitoes hadn't been invited) and everything went swimmingly. I faded out as jet lag kicked in late in the night, but that was at an acceptable time; I didn't manage to display the sort of stamina that kept some of the French-Canadian contingent going untl 5 in the morning, but they did have the home field advantage.

Quebec is beautiful; it's strange that there should be so much space and so few people, but I suppose I must be over used to the density in Singapore and Hong Kong.


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