Thursday, September 27, 2012

Phantom Puddle

I had a really good day today: I was rather dreading my run this morning, because I haven't run at that pace for a sustained distance before, but it all fit together: I was running hard, but sustainably, and even better, on the way back on my recovery portion I blew straight past somebody who overtook me. Perhaps that book on Bowerman is helping. Of course, I then ran into a mosquito fogging cloud, which nobody in Oregon had to put up with, but I remained cheery all day long, and into the night.

Tonight was Fight Comic, and also a night for a huge rainstorm in Singapore, so we got back late, my ears ringing, my ego dented from being knocked out early on. As we came into the flat, we found a huge puddle of water. An inexplicable puddle of water.

You might think I haven't figured out this whole precipitation business yet; yes, I know, it rains, puddles tend to form. But the puddle was in the middle of our living room. It wasn't by the door, or under a window where it could have blown in. There wasn't a trail of water droplets leading to the place it had made its ingress. The puddle was just there, squatting in the middle of a tiled desert, like a malign visitor.

Had it spontaneously condensed in our flat? Was our HDB building on top of reclaimed land, and the water just a ghostly remnant of the sea? Or has one of our neighbours obtained a skeleton key and is sneaking in to pee on our floor when we're not around?

Some things will always be mysteries. And short of hollowing out the sofa and hiding inside the next time there's rainy weather, I'll never find out.

Fight Comic was good: they've tightened it up a bit and it's clearly improved the structure. I let myself down by not reading the papers or working on my preparation as assiduously as I could have done, but that's a lesson for next time. I've got a new bit about Singaporean money out of this which is promising, and a one liner about population growth and SPGs. So all in all, although my floor may be dampened, my spirits aren't.


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