Monday, October 29, 2012


Today I received a large coffee mug, a Moleskine notebook and a bottle opener, "from a company we can't name". This goes alongside the power adapter, box of mooncakes, four USB memory sticks, three mouse mats, two luggage tags, drink bottle with integrated compass, and enormous luggage strap that I've received in the past six months. Not at the same time, mind you. That would have been rather ridiculous if an account rep had turned up at the office laden down with a mound of corporate branded geegaws and nick-nacks.

If I get given something that's worth more than a certain amount, I have to declare it, to avoid any worries about bribery. I think that means if it's one thing, but I'd better consult with our HR department in case the cumulative worth of all the mooncakes, travel paraphernalia and notepads has exceeded the threshold. I'm loath to give up on my hard won corporate-branded coffee mug, but if proprietry demands it, so be it.

I've also got three t-shirts from the company I work for, which I don't think needs to be declared, and which doesn't appear to be in lieu of salary. However, my company are a bit stingy when it comes to dishing out notepads and pens, which is annoying, because I already own clothes, but I never seem to be able to find anything to write on or with in the office. It hasn't quite got to the point where I beg for account reps to visit me, bearing stationery, but I can foresee a time where everyone has to surrender any ill-gotten Moleskines and ballpoint pens to the greater good of the deprived in our office.

Or I write on the t-shirts.

I went a bit mad and wrote some reviews on Tripadvisor today, after a long absence. I think I added at least five to my total, which is not going to be enough to catch up with the goal from my resolutions, but it is at least a start. Only two months to go...


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