Monday, December 31, 2012

Another year over and done with

2012 lurches to a close. 12 months ago I was in Jakarta, and 12 months before that I was in Vancouver, pontificating on the previous twelve months. Now I'm in Singapore; I'm not sure if that means I'm gradually making my way back towards Canada, or careering off in another direction entirely. Another 366 days have passed, and I get to consider what I've learned in those 12 months, and then tomorrow ruminate on what my resolutions for 2013 will be.

Looking back at what I wrote in January, I'm surprised at how much I've done that I've forgotten about, or that I thought happened a much longer time ago.  In January I was wandering around the Seattle Art Museum, looking at an enormous sculpture of a mouse, before trying to get my jollies reading Masters & Johnson in the public library.  That wasn't quite enough fun, so then I flew back to Hong Kong and went on to England to celebrate our marriage with all our British friends.

In February, I became obsessed with Fruit Ninja, then relocated to Singapore.  I don't think the two things are related, but who can say?  In March, I went for a run near our house, and got very, very lost. This gets brought up again and again, like it was an ancient legend of the family that should be recounted whenever possible.  Nine months are clearly not long enough for it to get old.  I also learned that I'd learned to swim, and went to Bangkok, so that was quite a productive month, even if I did spend too long walking round Singapore sweating.

April: got laughed at by my doctor.  How was I to know this would be a recurrent theme for the rest of the year, whether it was because of unbelievably high levels of cholesterol in my blood, or suspected dengue fever?  Also, I went back to Bangkok, but only for one night.

In May I had my first race of the year, a half marathon in the middle of the night. What I remember of it now is wanting to punch two drunks in the face outside the Marina Bay Sands. It turns out I'd written about more things than that - perhaps that means I've grown more aggressive with time.  Oh dear.

In June, I got a fever (possibly from overzealous air conditioning) and stopped drinking coffee.  This was another opportunity for my doctor to laugh at me, so all was well, really.  The abstinence from caffeine didn't last, but it shows an easy way to break an addiction is to get confined to bed with a sickness for most of a week.  

In August, a bird shat on me as I walked to work.  I left Singapore and flew to Canada for a wedding, where United lost our bags for 24 hours (which turns out to be financially rewarding if you remembered to purchase travel insurance before you departed).

September came, I got locked out of my apartment and had to go to work wearing a pair of outsize trousers I'd borrowed from my father, before finally making it into the final 10 for the Hong Kong Comedy Competition. Fourth time lucky and all that.

In October, I didn't win the competition, but then I didn't get locked out of my apartment either.  I think the two things may be connected.  I did see this terrible paintjob on a Porsche, which made up for it. Well, that and managing to fly all the way to Scotland to see an old friend get married, and then fly straight back to Singapore again.  

In November, I ran the Osaka Marathon for a second time, and destroyed my previous time, as well as setting a new personal best.  So rather happy about that.  I also helped organise the staff Christmas party, and drank too much on top of the Marina Bay Sands.  At least one of those is something that I hope never to do again.

And thus to December, where I took part in a filmshoot for a burger chain (pretending to be French and angry) and attended my first concert of the year.

That seems like quite a lot, and yet it feels like it doesn't scratch the surface, what with finishing the Rabbit short film, performing at Comedy Masala and Fight Comic (not as regularly as I'd hoped, but that's something to work on) and watching an awful lot of (often awful) films - including 11 more Bond films.  I wish that there was perhaps one meaningful thing that tied the whole year together, but it feels like 2012 was an awful lot of stuff that happened.  Perhaps 2013 will be more thematically consistent.


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