Saturday, December 01, 2012


It was my birthday today; I got up extra-specially-early to turn off my alarm and then sleep a bit more, then somehow summoned enough willpower to get out of bed and go for a run.

Unfortunately, because of the combined effects of sleep deprivation this week and Thursday's booze marathon, I wasn't in the best of shape and after a tortuously slow mile I was defeated and made my way home, where I spent my birthday playing computer games and watching TV until my wife came home with cake, and I opened my presents.

A pretty good haul this year: a new t-shirt, a book about James Bond by Roger Moore, four novels and a copy of National Geographic that had been stuffed with cold hard cash. That was before dinner, when I caught up with old friends and got some new bike pedals, another book and something else I was too drunk to open until the 2nd. Always know your limits, people.

The last few weeks we've led a rather secluded lifestyle; whether it's because we've been travelling to Penang or I've been running a marathon, we haven't had much chance to socialise together. It's good to see people in a context that doesn't involve airports or embrocation.

I drank lots, my wife pointed out that I'd come home gigglesome on Thursday and drunkenly photographed my own wrist, and all was well with the world. It's not been perhaps the most eventful of days, but I've been looking forward to doing nothing for ages. Quite the success, in fact.


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