Saturday, January 26, 2013

A long run in the sunshine

Tomorrow I've got a 10k race, starting from the old Tanjong Pagar railway station. It's sponsored by Blackberry, who apparently still have enough money to buy 6,000 sun visors for runners to wear, so I suppose they must still be selling phones to someone or other.

I looked at my training schedule, and I was meant to do a fast six miles today, and a long run tomorrow. Well, six miles is near enough 10k, so I figured I'd just swap the two runs around. Unfortunately, I was still dead tired from last week's flight back from Seattle and the somewhat aggravating week I'd had after that, so instead of joyfully springing from my bed at six, I slept until 9, and then had to do the laundry before heading out.

That meant the sun was operating at full force by the time I got out, but I did have my Blackberry-sponsored sun visor to shield my eyes. I set off, feeling sluggish but initially going quite quickly, fairly sure that I'd manage half an hour and then pack it in.

Surprisingly, I managed a whole lap of the 10 mile route round Marina Bay that I used when training for last year's marathon. My legs felt weak and insubstantial from about four miles in until the end, but it was nice to feel I hadn't totally lost the ability to run long distances.Then I went back to bed and slept until 2.

The rest of the day was fairly languid. I'd lost 4 pounds on my run, and even after breakfast and lots of water I didn't seem to restoring much. I know I've wanted to shed the Seattle weight, but this sort of thing is a bit much. I read the rest of Paul Cornell's impressively dark urban fantasy, London Falling, and laughed out loud when a plot point involving Millwall FC appeared. Then I went to sleep again.

When my wife got back from work, there was to be no more sleep. We walked down to the race start, so I knew what time I had to get up and out tomorrow, and then tried to walk to the Tiong Bahru Bakery. Unfortunately, that was an ill-advised half hour stroll alongside a motorway, before giving up and climbing up through the undergrowth to a street where we could hire a taxi, but I suppose it all counts as exercise.Then, home again, and more sleep. I wonder if I'll have any ability to sleep tonight, after all this indolence. I suppose melatonin should see me through...


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