Wednesday, January 02, 2013

What did I do with my life?

2012 has been and gone, but I haven't got round to checking up on where I ended up with all my resolutions from the start of that year.  Here goes:

Constantly measure and improve
Sort of.  But not properly.  I'd check back in on my resolutions from time to time, but not in a very orderly way.  On  the other hand, I've got addicted to collecting data about my running - I think that shows I need better ways to track what I'm doing in other parts of my life (there's no GPS sensor for comedy).  Not sure what those are.

To be honest, not as regular as I'd have liked.  I suppose by the end of 2011 I was a little burned out, but it's taken me a while to get back on in Singapore, and I'm not on stage as often as I'm accustomed to.  That said, 2012 was the first year ever that I made it to the finals, and it was that bit more special because it was in front of the biggest audience of my life.

Keep writing
Well, a blog every day, just about (there's one confused, jetlagged/timelapsed gap when we were in  Canada) but to make up for it I posted a few times on my other blog (principally to try to quarantine some of the oh-my-god-I'm-so-sweaty posts from this blog to avoid alienating my readers). I made it all the way through Blogalongabond, although I dread the day that Bond 24 is announced and we go through it again.

Finish things
Mixed success for this one: in January I already had the Kindle version of Diet Croydon completed and put out into the world, and the rabbit noir video had a (imperfect) dub.  But I didn't really get anywhere with The Great Old Game in 2012; I need to put more focus into finishing it, and then polishing it.  Right now it feels like I did too much the other way round, if I did anything at all.

Keep fit
Success! I put in a decent time in the Osaka marathon, and ended the year with lots more running shoes than I started it.  I had some sort of epiphany in 2012 and realised that I do much better if I don't carry my ipod with me when I'm running.  Although I also do better if I don't get lost and walk for miles around Singapore, sweaty and confused.

Keep in contact
Massive failure here, I think.  I think I was much worse at writing postcards by the end of the year than the start.  Certainly something to improve for 2013.

Learn to dance
Well, I bought Dance Central for the Xbox.  That's got to count for something, right?  No.  Oh well.

Learn to speak a foreign language

Meditate and count my blessings
When I did meditate, I was a lot calmer and more focussed.  Perhaps because I drink too much caffeine or I'm distracted, I didn't meditate enough.  As my wise friend Toby said, you should meditate for half an hour every day, unless you don't have the time, in which case you should meditate for an hour every day.  Must try to keep a bit calmer in 2013.

I think that's 2 goals completed, and two half complete, so call that a 1 in 3 success rate.  Ever so slightly better than 2011 though.


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