Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Anger is Good For You

Stuck in a teleconference this morning, looking at some work that I did about a year ago (dull horrible stuff involving cleaning data in ways that I really don't want to go into). Didn't bother reviewing the data we were going to look at, because who's going to bother checking a thousand lines in a spreadsheet when you're pretty sure it's all kosher?

Anyway, what happens but the guys on the other end of the line spot the ten lines in there with duff data (quite obviously so - serial numbers that are 000000000-0000-00000, etc) that we really should have noticed, and we don't discuss any of the ones where they've made a mistake. And then I've got somebody blethering on about checking the remaining 990 (which at 5 minutes a line is going to be a fun time for the rest of the week...)

So I go for a run at lunchtime and try doing intervals with two of the guys from work, and rag them silly charging around the racecourse. 32 minutes, 6km, 5 hard intervals (probably 100 or 200m each of flat out sprinting). Pretty good for somebody who doesn't know how to run fast...


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