Saturday, February 12, 2005

Faster! Faster!

Ran to work this morning. Felt like death last night, got up this morning and almost vomitted over myself, so I began the run with the sweet sweet taste of bile in my mouth. Ran painfully and slowly and painfully slowly, not going quick down hills at all. To add to my woes, left the house late (and it's a Friday) so almost got run over by the dustcart while running down a hill.

And yet...

and yet...

Got to work in 1 hour 18, which is PB territory (hard to check exactly, because after the battery died in my HRM timing has been a matter of checking the clock in the kitchen just before departure, and then getting the time from the wristwatch of an innocent passer by in the car park at the office).

Still, shows that some of the pain is paying off.

Training starts this Sunday, although it's my weekly cross train session (tennis this time round). Hoorah. And goodbye to the rest of my life while I point myself at Tromso...


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