Thursday, June 02, 2005

Plodding away

OK, so it's been a while without posting. What have I done in the meantime?

  • Failed to do anything for Stopadoodledoo - running aground on a reef of laziness at the moment

  • Taken a day off and spent most of it tidying the living room and doing laundry. On the sunniest day of the year. Since then it's been grey and damp. In June, for Pete's sake

  • Extracted my bass guitars from the various houses they've been in for the last ten years or so, and started playing with Matt the Rockstar down in Hythe. Like a very inept Squarepusher, I think

  • Started to think about the novel I'm going to write.

  • And run. Run an awful long way. 197 miles separate 21 April from the 2nd of June. And much less than that separates me from the finishing line in Tromso.

More so, I couldn't say that I feel that much more healthy at the moment, or indeed that much faster. I've lost enough fat that my abdominals are starting to be visible in the mirror, but to balance that my ankles and knees are sore from the pounding they're getting, and my last 20 mile run on Saturday turned into a painful nightmare, hunting for an unvandalised, unlocked public toilet. (Clue: there aren't any between Bickley and Beckenham). On that showing, I'd limp home in a marathon in 4 hours 40, which is just a teeny bit more than I would have wanted...

Anyway, I'm hungry right now, so I'm off to get some lunch. More detail later...


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