Friday, November 24, 2006

So far behind, I thought I was ahead

OK, so I had nothing to read again, so I bought GQ in the East Croydon WHSmiths, because it was the fattest magazine on the rack. Unfortunately, that's because most of it is advertising, but never mind. Leafing through it, I found mention of Ben Folds' cover of Bitches Ain't Shit, so it was off to iTunes for me, and now the damn song is stuck in my head.
Now to begin with, I thought what a clever Mr Cushtie I am for finding this, except that:
(a) I didn't find it, GQ did
(b) GQ found it about 18 months after it was released
(c) Arguably, the Straight Out Of Compton cover by Verucca Salt's lead singer, the saintly Kim (and here I show myself up by forgetting whether she's Gordon, Deal, or another surname entirely) is much better, and what are all these existentially-challenged singer-songwriter indie types doing anyway, massacreing perfectly decent bits of early 90's gangsta rap?
Now, if you leave the odd feeling of guilt aside (free to every liberal with their copy of the Guardian), and don't feel any concern that few hip hop artists cover indie songs in return (they just take samples of woeful Elton John songs and then shout over the top to drown him out), isn't the strange fact not that these cover versions exist, but that we think they're so strange, when firstly they're very common now, and in any case, isn't Tricky's cover of Black Steel the original and strangest (or at least the first one to change the gender of the singer and fail to update the lyrics accordingly?)
S*P*E*C*I*A*L prize to the first person to out-pseud me on this, and mention a hip-hop cover that predates Tricky of similar or greater inappropriateness. Duran Duran's White Lines doesn't count.


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