Thursday, January 11, 2007

Proof of the existence of humour?

Well, I don't mean the frankly bonkers statue in the foreground. What you should be able to make out behind it is the Cathedral of St John The Divine [unfinished], which they've been working at for over a hundred years now, one way or the other. And it's not done yet.
That alone isn't the sense of humour. I think where the proof comes in is that back in 2001, for a bit of light relief one transept burnt down, and now as well as trying to finish the building, they've got to clean all the soot off the inside too.
Would it be unwise to suggest there might be a message here, that somebody somewhere had enough cathedrals and fancied a hospital, or a really big Xbox, for a change? I wouldn't say so myself, just in case I got burned at the stake, but eh? Eh eh? Posted by Picasa


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