Monday, September 03, 2007

Year of Eating Differently (7): Jerk City, Wardour Street

Where would we be without utterly artificially coloured Caribbean food? Whilst working in Victoria, I lived off Jamaican patties for six months, purchased from the 'health' food shop down the street. What kind of pretence of health could come from something like this, clearly stuffed full of all kinds of wonderful chemicals that make it bright yellow.

Jerk City's aren't the best: the pastry is rather stodgy and could do with being fluffier, but the vegetables inside are good and spicy. And also bright yellow. That, and the signed photo of Sean Paul with one of the proprietors, hanging up behind the counter, are enough to make it good enough to eat. Sadly there's no ginger beer in the fridge, so I won't be breathing fire over anybody this afternoon.


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