Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Year of Eating Differently (8): Cafe Pompidou, Dean Street

Sadly, Cafe Pompidou doesn't resemble a half-finished art gallery in Paris. Oh well. Taking a break from expensive eateries this week, due to the current account being almost bare of funds. So instead it's a baked potato with mushrooms, a packet of crisps, and an apple.

Potato: nice presentation. Lots of herbs chucked onto it, which is a first. Sage? Thyme? Not basil. That makes me sad. I like basil. Sadly, the mushrooms are rather rubbery, but what can you do? The whole thing took about 4 minutes to arrive, so it's hardly as if they're not microwaving the whole thing, and for £2.25, what's the problem? (Assuming it hasn't been assembled in the Third World by somebody on a daily rate of 14p, that is - will globalisation affect my lunch?)
So that hit the spot. The crisps are revolting. I do wonder why I keep eating crisps when they're so utterly disgusting. Packet of salt & vinegar yesterday and they were horrible too. So from today I resolve: no more crisps. Well, maybe those lime Kettle Chips, but only in extreme circumstances. Oh, and Monster Munch (but they're really not as good as they used to be, are they?)
Apple: dunno, really. It's an apple. Starting in on it now. Will edit this post if it turns out to have a maggot in it.


KathS said...

I ate there today and had quite possibly the most disgusting thing I've ever eaten in a long career of frequenting caffs. My request for a panino, but on brown and with only mozzarella and peppers, was somehow transmuted into mouldy toast sitting around a sliver of cold, unidentifiable cheese and a few fragments of chopped raw peppers. For 2 pounds 50. The poor waitress didn't speak any English and was obviously too intimidated to ask for help.

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