Monday, November 26, 2007

Year of Eating Differently (53): Hannan's, Great Church Street

In an utter rage today, despairing and blindly lashing out at the world. Partly due to a weekend in Gothenburg, but also because as a consequence my phone doesn't work and the nice man in the Vodafone shop told me to whistle for it.
To calm down, went to Hannan's to order some curry for me and ver ladz; the Bollywood on the TV was turned up to 11, but it was prepped nice and quick, and came in very cheaply (under a tenner for two curries, rice and naan).
No photo today (since the camera is broken) and maybe a point or two down because I was the only person in there (I have a phobia of empty restaurants) and also the TV was too loud. And it's a bit rice heavy. And I'm grumpy today.


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