Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Up yours

Another entry in an infrequent series of people making rude gestures:

[Went to Koko in Camden last night for some NME TV shindig/award ceremony. David Jordan played three songs, wasn't very good. Guillemots tried to redeem themselves through the medium of interpretative haircuts alone, failed to impress. Somebody told me I was so funny. Resisted temptation to kick their teeth in. Explained this. Apologised for this and explained why it was so offensive. Had some more beer. Duffy sang three songs. Was good, if a little bit have-we-not-moved-on-at-all-since-the-early-1960s? If Macy Gray is channelling Marge Simpson, possibly the Welsh lady is possessed by Lisa. Alphabeat played three songs. Went home. That is all.]


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