Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Year of Eating Differently (98): Cafe Milan, Shaftesbury Avenue

Very, very dull. A brie baguette with some tasteless salad and no salt or pepper. Most likely my own fault for not choosing anything more interesting, and because I spent the previous ten minutes stood outside spouting hogwash into my phone which the benighted woman on the other end carried on listening to. However, it seems that one duty for the person taking the order in a sandwich bar is to question the customer and via some sort of socratic dialogue ensure the final sandwich that is delivered is of an acceptably high standard. But perhaps that's asking too much.
Also, very disturbed by the window display - a multi-level rotating glass cabinet filled with what look like sandwiches, cups of coffee and meringues. It's not Tokyo; we don't need models of food to inspire us to come in. I suppose they must be doing something right though: established in 1980 and thus going strong for at least 27 years. They are right next door to Yahoo's London HQ though - will they go bust at the same time as Microsoft sack everyone?


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