Thursday, February 07, 2008

Year of Eating Differently (99): Fresh & Wild, Brewer Street

Strangely, it's taken this long to overhear somebody say "What I need is a damn fine coke habit" whilst on the street. Given that I work in Soho, it's surprising that it's been nigh on 20 weeks without somebody saying something like this. Are they referencing Twin Peaks? Do they feel they have too much money? Oh, the mysteries.
Feeling a bit deathly today - went to shorinji kempo last night and then back to the office to ponder the wonders of the world with an American accomplice, until we realised the reason that 1 + 1 != 2 was because one of us was holding the map upside down, or similar for those of you that aren't database geeks.

Staggered out today, got lost in Fresh & Wild for five minutes trying to find a sandwich, purchased this diminutive falafel wrap. Good falafel, nice and fresh with lots of hummous, but still a bit prepackaged to really rate as one of the greats.
However, on the way back stopped at Mrs Kibble's Olde Sweet Shoppe and spanked down more than a tenner on sugar mice and crystallised ginger. Ah, happy days when there are sweets.


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