Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy daze

Just back from the club after the Valentine's Day show, plus two gin & tonics at Bhatti afterwards - had a chat for an hour and change about moral relativism, the iniquities of prostitution and 14th century attitudes to masturbation, with a Swedish girl from Upsalla called Maria - which makes a nice change from whatever I normally talk about after a show.
Felt cut to the quick - a woman came up to me afterwards and congratulated me, saying I was pretty good for somebody who was performing for the first time. Never mind damning with faint praise... Still, I have to review the video tomorrow and see if I was gabbling at full speed or talking at the correct velocity to get laughs from people. It certainly felt like it went down a lot better than last night (partly the crowd were more appreciative, but also I was making a conscious effort to go slower and enunciate more carefully - well, we shall see if I did or not...)
Off to bed now. Files are loaded to my computer, and I have a half marathon to run tomorrow morning - or rather, I have 15 laps of Happy Valley to get through. Joys.


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