Friday, February 13, 2009

Hills, hills, hills

Was expecting to do a bit of speedwork last night. Ended up doing hills instead - a short hill (maybe 50 yards, maybe less - twice the distance between a pair of lamp-posts, but very steep) - run up it and then back down it as many times as possible in 10 minutes. Twice. Interleave with a little bit of core work to build up strength, and then walk home, trying not to cry as the sweat rolls down into your eyes. Yup, summer's back to Hong Kong with all the wonderful humidity that is implied. And it's only February...
Had a 'chocolate sensation' at J-R for lunch. Probably wasn't worth paying $150 for, but it was very, very chocolatey.
Wrote a new joke for Valentines. Or is it new:
"I don't like Valentines. I got dumped last year. And I'd just bought her a kitten. And I'd spent hours wrapping it, not to mention how difficult it was to push it through her letterbox. There's no pleasing some people.


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