Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Cafe Iguana

Wrote this back on the 18th of September, forgot to post it:
A long long time ago, but I can still remember how that hangover used to make me cry…
Let me set my opinion out in advance. Men should not brunch. If a man eats a meal after he’s woken up and before midday, it should be breakfast, and it should involve plenty of eggs, bacon and black pudding and no granola. And no Eggs Benedict either. Sorry, that’s just the rules.
Thus it was with some trepidation and badgering that my better half inveigled me to go to brunch at Café Iguana, and it was probably fine, but buried under a four-kiloton hangover there was no real way the food would make an impression on me. Tortilla chips, guacamole, etc etc, yada yada yada.
So this lunchtime I was without inspiration for where to go, and walking past the Iguana, thought I’d give it another shot with a workmate.
It turns out to be perfectly pleasant; set meal (2 course) for $88, or 3 courses for a few dollars more (well, $10, but I can’t resist a Sergio Leone reference if one comes my way). They allowed for a bit of negotiation – instead of prawn or beef or chicken I got vegetable tacos. Started with carrot and orange soup, which was tasty, although a little disconcerting – the orange and the carrot didn’t seem mixed, so it looked a little like there was a vacuole of grease spiraling the bowl of soup. Turned out fine, despite my worry. It might have been nice to have a piece of bread with the soup, rather than a single tortilla chip rising from the surface like a red shark fin, but at these prices, who can complain?
Tacos arrived – two tacos each, laid flat on the dish with guacamole, roasted vegetables piled high, along with two bowls – one of refried beans with a dash of sour cream, and one of lime rice which smelt gorgeous but was a little lacking in taste. I always thought you should roll a taco up to eat it, but supplied like this it would have made a terrible mess. As it was, a good, cheap, fairly healthy meal, with prompt and helpful service. (Then again, we were alone in there at noon – as ever your mileage may vary). Free soft drink was included in the price (had an ok lime soda – nothing bad, nothing brilliant), as was tea or coffee, but we were already fleeing back to the office by then.


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