Sunday, April 11, 2010


I hosted the Friday night show, and had the chance to try out a brand new joke in front of an almost-capacity (at least twenty people) crowd...

After that, the weekend accelerated in pace. After spending Saturday morning tending to my now deformed girlfriend, the afternoon and evening were down in Wan Chai at the wedding of two friends. Having not had my usual Saturday afternoon nap I was worried that I was going to faint clean away, but I managed to stay alive and awake to the end.

Chinese weddings aren't like English weddings. Nobody got punched, and there wasn't an embarrassing disco, nor a speech where every character failing of the groom was picked over by his best man.

On the other hand, there are a lot of costume changes. Bride and groom get married, bride changes dress. Everyone eats food, bride changes dress again. Everyone leaves at the end, bride changes dress again. (I think - I had been drinking quite a lot of wine, so by this point the details became quite sketchy.)

After the wedding, we decamped to L'Hotel in Tin Hau, or as Hong Kong taxi drivers call it, 'El Hotel'. I find it grand that the taxi drivers of Hong Kong have subverted an attempt to give bogus French quality to a hotel, by instead suggesting that it's a Mexican-run outfit.

Not that I've got anything against Mexicans, of course.

And not that I'm suggesting that Hong Kong taxi drivers prefer the French to the Mexicans, or the other way round. I mean, from televisual depictions, they've not got much to go on: a mouse that can run incredibly fast, or an amorous skunk. It's a hard choice.

Today I got news that my rabbit material is going to be filmed, and I'll get to be the narrator. I'm quite excited that it's gone from possibly terrifying other users of a toilet in a Croydon coffee shop, to a rant I bring out in the late evening to waste the time of other comedians, to a five minute video that might one day appear on the heady heights of Youtube.

You have to aim high, after all.


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