Saturday, May 01, 2010

Brian Eno - MGMT

So after watching a five-year-old film with very few redeeming qualities, I'm trying to bring myself up to date by listening to Congratulations, MGMT's new CD, and the track 'Brian Eno'.

It sounds like somebody trapped in a haunted house, pursued by the ghost of Moogs Past and Future, while MGMT are outside playing on the stereo.  No Time To Pretend, then.

I really liked Oracular Spectacular - I seemed to have Kids on constant repeat on my ipod for a while.  Well, Kids, and Kidz by Plan B - one's relaxing and cheery, the other one makes you want to stab people.  Congratulations, on the other hand, feels more like yet-another sophomoric effort from a band on their second album.  Yes, the kind of thing lazy critics will refer to as difficult-second-album-syndrome.

I'm not going to do that.  I'm just going to point out that
  • Eno Collaboration by Half Man Half Biscuit is the gold standard of songs involving Brian Eno.  Brian Eno doesn't come close to "I know Eno and he knows Bono".  Sorry, but them's the breaks.  Innit?
  • I have a whistle doesn't have any whistling on it, and thus is a disappointment on the same level as there being whistling on Wind of Change by the Scorpions, rather than the sound of a Teutonic bassplayer breaking wind.
  • The cover of the album looks silly.  Which could be either a positive or a negative.  Pop music, eh? 
  • Eh?  Ehhhhhh?!
Today has been a very slow day apart from this.  I've been lacksadaisical at best; celebrating the good weather in Hong Kong today by staying indoors and attempting to rehearse for tonight, and sleeping.  I think one or two more naps before tonight's performance, and I'll be ready.

Trivia of the day: to get a platinum record in Austria, you need to sell only six percent of the number of records that you do in Germany.  So I suppose MGMT should purchase a whistle and get down there tout suite.  Thank me when you get the shiny record, guys.


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