Friday, April 30, 2010


I bought Revolver today. Not the Beatles album, the Jason Statham vehicle. And when I say 'Jason Statham vehicle', I don't mean a supercharged Audi from The Transporter. Er. That was a little confusing.
Not as confusing as Revolver, which seems to be 104 minutes of Jason Statham talking to himself, people inexplicably driving through Hong Kong when the story is meant to be set in Vegas, and more people shouting at things.

To be fair, I was so tired when I got back from the office that I passed out after the first 20 minutes, waking up with a bent spine and a beard full of drool. Perhaps I dreamed the whole thing, and the horrible feeling that the last ten minutes of the plot will turn out to be "it was all just a dream - ahahaha!" will actually just be because I'm dreaming about Jason Statham.

But I really don't think I should be dreaming about an action hero with a receding hairline. There should be better things for me to do with my life.

For example, watching Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando. Yes, that'll make my grandchildren proud.

And possibly a film in which Jason Statham goes to sleep, argues with himself and then watches a 1980s action film with ostentatious explosions would have been better critically received than Revolver was.

Tomorrow night I'm hosting at Takeout Comedy - possibly unleashing some of my egg-themed jokes on a wider audience. Why not come down and take a look?


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