Friday, September 17, 2010

Impending doom

I think this weekend might destroy me. First thing tomorrow morning I have to get out of bed, forgoing my medicinal Saturday morning snooze in favour of fixing a puncture on my bike.
Then, instead of going back to bed, I'm off to Sai Wan Ho for a couple of hours of martial arts, then to Macau to a restaurant that serves all sorts of fine fish (and bread, which I can eat), and then back again to Hong Kong for Stuart's leaving party. (It's a shame that he's leaving, but it also means that the rest of us can steal his material, so there's always some good to come of this.)

All these things together would still be fine, if I hadn't agreed to meet some like-minded fools at the Central Ferry Pier on Sunday at 7 am, to catch one of the first ferries to Lantau for an early morning ride. Hence the Saturday morning puncture repair detail.

To prep adequately for this self-inflicted punishment, I'm staying up late amd watching Spirited Away, which as Japanese cartoons go is pretty disturbing. In the first ten minutes somebody's parents are transformed into pigs, there's a ghostly theme park full of what look like Tottoro's dopey cousin (and some giant toads in berets), and there's a chainsmoking spider-man tucked away in a basement supervising tiny soot-creatures feeding coal into a boiler.

Fairly typical Friday night, really.


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