Thursday, September 16, 2010

More rabbit material

I've been going over my rabbit material again, trying to figure out if it will fit into seven minutes or whether it's a damnfool exercise to attempt. Of course, belabouring the point about the behaviour of the hypothetical rabbit was never going to be an example of wisdom and practicality, but that's beside the point. Do you focus on what you think you do best, or do you come up with a set that is weatherproofed against drunks and people who think heckling is the best part of a comedy show?

After all, they've paid to see something that will make them laugh; it seems like it might be my role to make them laugh, and if they're the sort of people who like basic observational comedy of the I was performing action A when a stereotype of culture/class/race B said something to me that could be interpreted in two mutually incompatoble ways. Hilarity ensues. To subject these people to a disquisition on the eating habits of rabbits might be a little rude, or at least inappropriate.

I guess what I'm trying to say, to put it simply, is that a discursive essay on the potential for a small mammal to have a fully coherent ontology of leafy vegetables is not going to be universally popular.

And you can't say something much simpler than that.

I'm also wondering about how to tie in current events. It seems reasonable (in this context) to hold that the rebuilding of Lan Kwai Fong to accomodate the antiseptic shape of a Hard Rock Cafe *isn't* from Alan Zeman's desire to make lots of cash, but because he saw a rabbit loitering in the entrance to Lux and has decided to demolish the entire California Tower.

That's right, Alan Zeman, scourge of the wild rabbit. If it were true, maybe there'd be some mileage in suggesting that he's bald because he can't distinguish hair from hare.

The trouble is, once you start making up stories about entrepeneurs wanting to smash up warrens with a rubber mallet, it becomes increasingly difficult to stop, and before you know it you're writing in to magazines to correct their grammar when they quote people talking about "fucking books". It's a slippery slope, I tell you.

And a fruitless one, when I should be deciding whether it's funnier to talk about a rabbit lacking concepts like ready-salted crisps, or about rabbits lacking the concept of a packet of salt and vinegar potato crisps. Nobody said this wasn't going to be without its challenges.


Anonymous said...

Did you know that in Spain, another word for a woman's privates (my, that sounds prissy!) is 'conejo'- rabbit? And therefore women are told not to wear green knickers in case the conejo mistakes them for grass and leaves you Nicholas. I'm sure you could work that in somewhere... ;-)

Mr Cushtie said...

I think there's an archaic term in English for rabbit (cunny) that has similar double meaning. But I hadn't put two and two together there. Thank you very much - that's at least a few more minutes of pontificating to build in!

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