Friday, November 12, 2010

Sorry, not sorry

Front page news on the South China Morning Post is the Catholic Church regretting that one of its priests compared Li Ka-Shing to the devil. This is possibly not the outcome Li Ka-Shing wanted.
On Halloween, Father Law Kwok-fai suggested that Cafe de Coral, Li's chain of restaurants, were to attend his church party, they would be "the real man-eating devils." If the Church hadn't decided to apologise for this, I wouldn't have been reading it on the front page of the paper.

The priest in question, Father Law Kwok-fai, is standing by his comments, while the Church is made to look like it's in the pocket of a tycoon, and everyone else gets reminded about this. And then I write about it (partly because I'm all in a flap with my impending seven-hours-of-drinking party), which makes it echo some more.

It wouldn't do to criticise the Catholic Church, because as an organisation it's clearly blameless, and has never tried to amass huge riches in this world. As they might tell you, the rewards will be in the next life, which is why if you visit St.Peter's in Rome, you'll see a complete absence of gold, jewellery, fine paintings, and big hats.


Meanwhile, Li gets a bit of a raw deal to this to, just after he'd declared he was going to give a wodge of cash to people in Hong Kong if they asked for it. But then again, when Cafe de Coral was kicking up a stink against a minimum wage of 23 HKD, that implied they might have quite a bit of money anyway that they were holding onto...

Of course, Cafe de Coral are well-meaning employers and better than the rest, as a letter writer all the way from British Columbia wrote. I guess the view from Vancouver must be a good one, but maybe he couldn't see how Cafe de Coral was trying to get around the minimum wage by taking away their workers' rest breaks. 3,000 miles is a long way off, after all.

Or maybe anyone paid 23 dollars an hour should just count their blessings. It's not like anyone else is making a fortune.

Oh. I'll get my coat.


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