Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Exhausted fumbling

Tomorrow I'm off to Thailand, so tonight I spent two hours trying to put a new pair of tyres on my bike: off came the (fairly hefty) tyres I already had and on went an enormous pair of downhill tyres.

Well, I say they went on, as if that was a simple task, rather than requiring the combined strength of two men, some plastic levers, and a pot of Vaseline. Every night is Saturday night in Hong Kong.

Except tonight. Tonight was Wednesday night.

After that - well, during that - I was skittled by a sudden wave ofexhaustion, as the bottom dropped out of me and I was suddenly so tired I could hardly even walk to the tram stop to get home. I was a shambling mess, incapable of carrying my old tyres down the street without them scraping on the pavement. Cross eyed and mumbling, I staggered back into the flat, where my gleeful fiancee greeted me -
and then wondered why I was having such trouble talking. Or standing up. Or trying to wash my hands.

It's lucky I haven't got two days of hard biking ahead of me.



Thus I'm hoping I'll last through this: after all, it's a mild 38 degrees in Chiang Mai at the weekend. That's only slightly warmer than blood temperature. So the next few days may involve a little lesswriting and a little more lying on my back, groaning pitifully. More news on the other side...


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