Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Lower resolutions

Carry on writing - still here, still going.
Get married - cake is nailed down. Well, not literally. That would make an ungodly mess.
Read all the books, watch all the DVDs - sort of bumbling through. Finally watched The Secrets In Their Eyes last week (bought it for my better half for Christmas, so that took over six months to get to
Keep tidy - we moved the furniture around the living room, which makes the place look more tidy. However, now the television is ten feet away from the sofa, I'm going blind squinting at it
Stay below 12 stone, run some races - still below 12 stone, still not racing. I could start posting about the joy of going to the gym and sweating a lot, but I don't think that would make for fascinating reading
Redraft The Great Old Game - opened it, made some changes, partly convinced myself it wasn't terrible. Went to see an exhibition on the King of Kowloon that maybe counts as research
Spanish - nada. Maybe if I knew where the library was I could translate phrases like donda est biblioteca.
Dancing I thought I had learned to dance. Then everyone laughed at me, I got in a huff. Oh well.
Keep in touch - May letter written in May
Photo every day - moving swiftly on...
Finish things properly - It's been over a month without me doing anything to edit together the Rabbit film, or write any more script. So that's a bit crap. On the positive side, I finally have an alarm clock after three years of living in Hong Kong, I've built a whole new advice machine (although that isn't quite finished yet because I forgot to complete the share buying module), I'm keeping up with Blogalongabond and I won a prize for a fancy dress competition, using only 9 dollars worth of bandages.

So... progress has stalled a bit. Some of the things that were doing well are doing worse.

I'm adding another resolution to the list. I'm not going to play any games on the Xbox this month. After wasting two entire days riding imaginary motorcycles around simulated tracks, when I could have been reading, writing or practicing arithmetic, pointlessly collecting imaginary trophies when I could have been peering at the one I love or teasing the cat with a piece of string, when I was engaged in monotonous repetitive activity when I could have ... when I could have been filling in my tax return - well, enough is enough. No more gumpfing around with the computer for a month.

I also thought about stopping eating crisps and drinking Expensive Coffee, but one shouldn't get carried away, eh?


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