Thursday, August 25, 2011


Antipasto is an Italian restaurant on Elgin Street. Well, Antipasto is a restaurant on Elgin Street, serving pizzas and pasta and such. Italian food.

As far as Italian food in Asia goes, it's not quite my favourite. Clearly I've got quite perverse tastes, as my favourite Italian restaurants are (a) shoehorned into the ground floor of a concrete hotel in Kota Kinabalu or (b) on the nth floor of Times Square in Causeway Bay. But it wasn't bad; portions were a little on the large side - enormous bruscetta (soft 'c', not hard, unlike say, Eataly in Manhattan), rather too much caprese salad, a pizza I couldn't finish. Perhaps that means I'm getting weak, rather than the portions are out of control.

The pizza was my least favourite part; while the lamb the others were tucking into smelt gorgeous, the pizza was just ... well, just pizza. Nothing you'd write home about, just adequate.
Dear Mama,
Eating cheese on toast, with tomatoes sprinkled on top. Natives a bit restive. Send regards to dearest Pater.
No, that just wouldn't work.

Probably I was just too tired, from getting up this morning and, panic stricken, taking a taxi to the office for the first time in this decade. It's not that much of a luxury, compared to what it would cost in London, but it feels like a vaguely cruel tax on my carelessness: why should I have to pay to get to work on time, just because I was stupid enough to schedule meetings and be a clot simultaneously?

Tomorrow, I'll go for another run to wipe away the cobwebs. And then another bout of sweating, no doubt. For now, the consolations of Submarine, and bed...


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