Saturday, April 07, 2012

Food in Malaysia

Last night we went to an English restaurant called Albion, where I had pumpkin gnocchi and a quinoa risotto, and wondered why I hadn't encountered these dishes while growing up. I suppose my childhood diet, while being far more exotic (ham sandwiches, pork chops, fish fingers, defrosted mini pizzas) faied to include such English staples.

The food and service were both very good, although somewhat cruelly I ordered a knickerbocker glory for my wife to eat, without telling her that she was going to have to guzzle a foot-high glass of ice cream on her own. I'm a harsh taskmaster from time to time.

This morning, exhausted by all the food, we slept in until 11. Worryingly, that left just 24 hours until our flight home, so if we repeat the same stunt tomorrow we'll have trouble getting back to Singapore. Of course, we're only going to a wedding tonight so it's not as if we're going to get tanked up on wine tonight and fail to wake up on time.

Oh. Bother.

Sluggish from all that sleep, we wandered down to a shopping mall in search of doughnuts, failing to find any, and in defeat resigning ourselves to coffee and bruschetta. We really aren't doing very well at eating Malaysian food this weekend.

Back at the hotel, I ordered a vegetable burger, which was a disgusting confection of mashed potato, mayonnaise and breadcrumbs, and then prepared for the afternoon's wedding. Well, I sat on the bed and watched television. Close enough, right?


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