Sunday, October 21, 2012

Keep taking the pills?

I'm not sure about the pills I've been taking. I woke up today and my neck still hurt, so I took another muscle relaxant and then spent the morning incapacitated. I'd try to stand up and walk around the apartment, only to find I was still sat on the sofa. My brain is fogged, like I'm coming off the back of a three day bender.

I'd hope it would be relaxing, but this listlessness gives me a profound sense of boredom, at the same time as a background buzz of worry, because with a stiff neck and a befuddled brain, I'm much less happy about running a marathon at the end of November than I was two weeks ago.

Hopefully it's just a combination of pharmaceuticals and fatigue; perhaps tomorrow I'll wake up, fit as a fiddle, and with all my faculties restored. Right now I can't even remember when I felt capable of doing anything apart from dully surf the internet.

Still, after reading the latest shock! horror! news about Singapore (a couple have a sexually explicit blog, everyone is enraged and thinks the guy should be expelled from university, because it's awful to have sex, which is confusing because it feels like less than a month since the government was telling everyone to have more kids ...) it was time to get out of the house.

It's been raining all day and Singapore feels unseasonably cold. I would have thought that on returning from Scotland I'd find it unpleasantly hot here, but I'm actually feeling chilly. Still, driving rain and a cold wind is just about perfect for a barbecue (English style) so I have nothing to complain about.

Unlike my poor hosts this afternoon, who are going to have to put up with a drooling, drawling man in shorts who seemes to be high on some very strong drug. This is going to be an interesting afternoon for somebody.


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