Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Four more years

Today we had the television on in the office, to celebrate Obama winning four more years. This was a bit distracting, because it's hard to work while listening to Romney speechify about his wonderful campaign, or the President Of The Free Worldtm wax lyrical about his.

I guess Tony Blair made me cynical about any political leader who's going to solve all the problems and make the world right. At least Obama's trying to make healthcare more available in the US, rather than just ensuring his party remains elected through being smarmy/thinking of excuses to invade Iraq.

To be fair, Obama had it easier than Dubya: he inherited the US occupation of Iraq, so he didn't need a pretext to go in. I'm not sure you're that much of a liberal if you keep Guantanamo Bay open and step up drone attacks, but when the alternative is Donald Trump raging at you from behind the safety of his toupee, what choice do you have?

Did any Democrats ask to see Mitt Romney's birth certificate?

As well as the US elections, today was our office party; I drank some red wine and ate some cake, because I'm an athlete and treat my body with respect. And in turn, my body needs to respect my authority. This morning I had a tough set of intervals to run; I'm getting more consistent, but that consistency is at a lower speed than I desire. Still, only two weeks of training left now. I'm sure if I stick to the cake-and-wine diet, everything will work out just fine.


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