Tuesday, November 06, 2012

You Rang Utan

Sick of missing calls because you were stuck in Important Business Meeting? Angry that your coworker has not put his phone on silent and you're hearing Gangnam Style again? Fed up of receiving inept cold calls from people trying to sell you insurance?

Never fear, the You Rang Utan is here!

Orangutans are usually peaceable creatures that live in endangered forests. Not this one! He's at your desk, and he's ruddy livid!

You Rang Utan flinches at the sound of a modern smartphone ringing, but instantly retaliates with a harsh attack. The next doofus who inconsiderately forgets to turn his phone off will return to a desk full of Samsung Galaxy shrapnel!

People keep calling you to hawk lousy financial products? Not any more. Once You Rang Utan starts answering the phone with his patented combination of howls and frustrating chewing, they'll soon stop calling you back.

Feeling left out because you're in that Important Business Meeting when you should be having a social life and taking calls? No problem. When you hear the screams and shouts, you'll know You Rang Utan has 'answered' your phone for you.

This must be more than I can afford, you're thinking. Not so - to prove to you just how useful You Rang Utan can be, we've already delivered him to your office for a 30 day trial period. After that, you'll be happy to pay the low low primate price of only $300 per day. (Don't bother sending him back - we've already cut down the trees he used to live in and put a half-completed shopping mall in their place.)

Who rang? You Rang Utan!


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