Friday, January 04, 2013


I went home for lunch today. It was a shame that I left my keys at the office, and so denied myself a delicious cheese sandwich, but I couldn't face walking all the way back to the office and then home again, so I returned via the Salad Stop by the park.

On the way I passed the bicycle shop, so I stopped in to ask about bearings and other components. There weren't any customers apart from me, so the proprietor engaged me in a long conversation about the poor telephone service given by Starhub, the difficulty of getting people to trust your judgement and how even if I was Jesus, I'd probably get nailed to a cross.

Normally you expect to get drawn into an argument over the minutiae of latex inner tubes, so a broad digression on human relations and how society becomes needlessly atomised was a little odd. After that, I went and bought a salad and they undercharged me by a dollar. Are these things linked? I can't see it from here.

I should have put 'sleep' down as a resolution for this year; I've not been doing well at it so far. It took me more than an hour to clamber out of bed this morning, weak and sluggish and almost incapable of exertion. I ran for a kilometre and forced my way through half an hour of Kinect-commanded exercises, then went to the office where I enjoyed limited success in waking up. At least I've automated enough things now that my higher mental faculties can be absent without me losing short-term productivity.

Unfortunately, sleep is not in the immediate future. Chinese New Year is, and according to the sign by the lift, that may mean three weeks of celebrations. Or three weeks of a man banging a wooden spoon on a frying pan while two other guys dress up as a lion and dance around. I'll be investing in ear plugs before long. And here I was, thinking Singapore is quieter than Hong Kong.


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