Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Commuting, accidental nudity, a discussion of diet

After a while it just starts to get dull, although the pain of getting out of bed at 6.30 in the morning is subsumed into the greater malaise of being alive in Hawkinge. Dragged myself out about 20 past 7, in work and looking at a clock at 8.50. Now, bearing in mind I was stuck in the toilet in between whiles having a post race dump, unless that was for a quarter of an hour then that's still no better than 1:25 to do the 12km between home and work.

However, very cold today. Wierd covering of hail on the ground everywhere as I ran in - not on the roads, but the fields were full of the stuff. As an indication of this, didn't take off my hat till I got to work (usually this is removed by the time you get to the phalanx of schoolchildren in Saltwood). Only trouble that produces is that Hat Face is a phenomenon it's better not to present your workmates with in the early morning.

Forgot to take a shirt with me into the shower room. Wandered out into the corridor wearing jacket and trousers, looking like a cut-price male stripper. So far, so normal. Discussed weightlifting techniques with somebody in the kitchen only to discover that the phrase "chug a load of cock and then lift a lot of weights" fails to offend Kentish people, whereas if you mention it in Les Gets, it tends to make people put down their cereal spoon and vacate the kitchen. Although maybe that's just because you've inspired them...


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