Saturday, January 22, 2005

Richmond Park

Went for a run with Nick. Discovered several things:

1) all this running to work has improved my downhill speed. Left Nick at the top of the Incredibly Steep Slope (the one with the big sign warning cyclists to dismount) and got to the bottom a good thirty yards in front.
2) Nick's still a lot fitter. He then charged off and for the rest of the run, I'd meet him at each car park.
"Hi Nick. Oh, bye Nick" and rinse and repeat all the way round...
3) Mental attitude is all wrong. Once Nick had become a day-glo orange speck in the distance, I didn't run as fast. Until in the last two hundred yards some chap tried to overtake me, at which point I upped my pace and ran along with him until I got to the car park. So it's not just fitness; there's also mental laziness I need to overcome.
4) Estimate about 12km of rolling, easily surfaced terrain, in 58 minutes - so happily within pace.


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