Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Teabreak's over, back on your heads!

Played tennis this weekend twice. Got my vicious drop shot working reliably, only to see Gerald skid, slip and pull a hamstring trying to return one. Thus filled with guilt.
Otherwise, weekend reasonably uneventful. Slept quite a bit. Still don't have a serviceable mobile phone, so out of contact quite a bit. Met up with chums on Sunday, inspected Nick's babies once more (now 4 months and a day old) and in the evening went on a date.
This went better than last week's - at least we were both capable of boozing to a compatible level of inebriation. And I think I made her laugh, and she did use the word peregrination in open conversation. But still, no great spark leapt between us to say hey, this is the person you want to stay with for the rest of your life. Oh well.
Then again, from a game theoretic point of view, maybe this is never going to happen. And herein could be the fundamental problem with internet dating: there's too much choice.
Suppose you met people only occasionally, and somebody turned out to be interesting, reasonably attractive and not obviously possessed of unhygienic or disgusting habits. Maybe you'd throw caution to the wind, trust in serendipity and take things a bit further. You wouldn't necessarily need that WOW factor to be present; it might evolve gradually.
Whereas the benefit and the drawback of the internet is that you can obtain a steady stream of new people each week, and if you're going to be rational about it, why commit to any one of them when the next one might be even better?
Clearly there are some things to be said here about relative risk aversion, and how that might change from year to year, as you became more and more desperate to avoid ending up being eaten by your Alsatian after you expired as a lonely 94-year old. I'm not sure, however, that applying game theory to dating is going to be too profitable an approach.
I'm going to review this once a month and publish conversion statistics, see where we get to. Possibly I'll graph it too, and then this blog will attract some statistic-obsessed woman who's desperate to have a Cushtie in her life. Or at least I'll get some more interesting spam.


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