Sunday, October 01, 2006

The travails of moving house

So I've got a new job, working up in London, and as a result had to take everything out of my house in Folkestone and yomp it up the M20 to London. Whereupon I realised I had far more stuff than made any sense, and certainly much more than I could physically store (partly the consequence of this. So I've spent the morning trying to make a dent in this by listing books on Amazon, but there's still several boxes of CDs, a bass guitar amplifier and a million other things I don't know what to do with, but I do want rid of.
I've also got a lot of books that aren't in good enough nick to sell, so if you'd like a list of what I have, email me and I'll furnish you with a list of what there is. Be warned that it's partly the accumulation of being stuck in airports with nothing to read, so there's a lot of stuff I'm ashamed of on there. Oh, and lots of Terry Pratchett from when I was a lot younger, and quite a bit of Henning Mankell. But come on, don't be scared...
One strange thing you notice is the market for some DVDs. Take Dogma, for example. Not a wonderful film. But not exactly awful. And yet I'm the cheapest offering of it on Amazon, and I'm charging twelve pounds, which I'm pretty sure is about twice what I bought it for in Sainsbury's. Scarcity value? Right now it's the 8,322nd best seller, but I'm not entirely sure how good/bad/popular that makes it...


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