Saturday, December 23, 2006

Bad Toby did a bad thing

You can't see it too well here, but went for a ride with young Toby on the singlespeeds today. This was the first outing for the Love/Hate, and apart from those frankly awful Panaracer Trailblasters on wet mud and leaf mulch, everything went swimmingly. Until, for no apparent reason, Toby decided to reach over and try to adjust the lock out setting on my forks. That's my forks, if you weren't paying attention there.
I go "hang on", and the next thing you know we've clashed front wheels and both go sailing over the bars. I've got a load of bruises, a suspicious right wrist, and a wheel that was so buckled I felt no compunction at all in guilting the Toby into truing it. But hey, hopefully nowt broken, and it gives you a good anecdote for the pub.
So, on the new bike so far, the scores are:
28 km ridden
1 crash
Prize to the first person to figure out from the GPS data exactly how fast we were going when we stopped...


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