Saturday, December 23, 2006

Why didn't I buy a MacBook Pro?

OK, it's just embarrassing to discover that you can't touch type as well as you thought you could, because doing this in the dark at 1am requires a bit more attention than I first thought. Hey ho.
Anyway, apart from issues with the A key, not doing too bad. Went to see The Prestige tonight - thought it was great, although the ending is obvious a mile away, as some of the critics had complained. Still a very powerful, funny, and occasionally shocking film - and I don't just mean David Bowie. Also: Christmas shopped, had successful interviews for my next job, bought tickets for the Nutcracker for Christmas Eve. All in all a rather successful night.
And since I've got Bluetooth working, here's a picture to show that occasionally camera phones can get it right:


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