Friday, April 20, 2007


I really want to see Eagle vs Shark (should have linked that, but I'm lazy and you've all got IMDB after all...) From the trailer, looks like a note-perfect nerd-meets-nerd-and-falls-in-love type film. In New Zealand. Some have compared it to Napoleon Dynamite, but I don't think you're meant to just be cackling at the idiocy of the characters, whereas there is a certain cruelty to the depiction of the ginger afro'd dancer. But enough. It's a NZ film, so it's doubtful it will ever turn up in the UK, apart from at 3am on a Wednesday night on Channel 4. Off to DVDOrchard in 6 months then. We might not have Casablanca, but we'll always have multiregion players...


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